Alphabomb + Daladubz // Pink Elephants ((HD))

This video (like everything I make) was put together from different visual layer elements as the music played. I’m particularly happy with the LIVE beat match on the symbols (Check out 1:30 in the video, watch in HD to get enough detail to see the elephants match the symbol sound). Matching a video loop to a musical element used to be tough live, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

This video was made after hearing Daladubz track “Pink Elephants”.   Given that it was done within 12hrs I’m happy with a few bits of it, but there’s not much satisfaction in making a video that’s so static.  It’s really quite good for the environment it was made for, but this “moving poster” style doesn’t work so well as an online video, where people expect to be visually engaged without pause. I definitely like to dwell on certain compositions, which makes sense seeing as “party visual” sets usually last 2-6hrs, but in 4 online minutes it’s… boring.   It’s becoming obvious that if I want masses of online views, I’m going to have to figure out ways to make this more compelling, and I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve!

Alphabomb + Arduino + Touch Designer

Touch FTEDerivative’s Touch Designer had been on my radar a couple years, ever since Daryl Chonka showed me the power of it’s force.  Recently a Touch user master named Russ Haines created a series of 5 minute Touch Designer learning videos, and they’ve motivated me to build a projection mapping project in Touch. 

Within 24hrs of the Touch install I had a basic working projection map of the wood cabin where I live, conected to an Arduino serving data from an IR sensor modifying the video output… Was able to clamp and ramp the arduino imput so it was nice and smooooth (my arduino code was weak – but Touch took care of that!). The projection map isn’t tweaked yet (24hrs!), but I am amazed at how quickly you can flesh out an idea in Touch Designer – stay tuned.  A HUGE personal thanks to Russ Haines for making the Touch Designer tutorials available – there’s no way I could have progressed this far in 24hrs without his excellent contribution to the scene.  Check em out:

Alphabomb + Love and Light ((HD))

Alphabomb Live Video Mixing to The Beatles “Eleanor Rigby” – 4centers (Love and Light) Remix

I’ve been meaning to do a video mix with a Love and Light track for a while now. I was up late mixing away in my little studio to their tunes, and decided to record while Eleanor Rigby played – nice result for a live composition on the first take! I tweaked a couple effects along the way. Look up “Consciousness” on wikipedia and see if you recognize any imagery!

Audio is “Eleanor Rigby” by 4centers of Love and Light

Alphabomb + Wrong Pills ((HD))


Demo Video of Alphabomb Live Mixing to “Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Pills”.

Alphabomb creates live sound-reactive video mixes for music. This video shows a bass-distortion effect on the kissing couple – the effect works in realtime for live performance.

Audio is “Doctor Gave Me the Wrong Pills” by Galimatias​galimatias

Alphabomb + Luke Brown ((HD))

Luke Brown’s Alpha Centauri painting programmed by Alphabomb visuals to react to sound in realtime.  This is a remake of the first (unposted) video – new elements, new effects, and the first appearence of the freshly written W.H.O.M.P. (Whomp Harmonizer of Majestic Photons) effect.

Music is “Days Go By” remix by MiMoSA –

Alphabomb + Good Face


Test of a 3D Face Model with orbiting light and proceedural texture + particle Field and scrolling code.

The video reacts to the music in realtime – here the color value of particles & particle/face glow are controlled by frequency amplitude. The tweaky particle spin is done manually via midi controller.

Music: Heyoka – the first few seconds of Heyoka’s “Cosmic Boogie Promo Mix”.​muti/​heyoka-cosmic-boogie-promo-mix

Alphabomb + Xeni @ Boingboing

Collaboration with Xeni’s post @ – Xeni seemed to enjoy this bit of madness as much as I enjoyed making it. “It is twisted and kooky mutant fun, and I am so delighted by its existence.” Awwwww! Thanks for the love!

I really did bounce between “this is horrible/fantastic” when it was done. Blame it on my recent dive into psychedelic poster art, no doubt running into Bob Masse spurred me along.  I’ve been admiring Mike Saputo’s stuff too.  I’d love to animate some sound reactive video posters for an event.

Audio is Corrodium – Thunderbug –

Alphabomb + AstroSkull

Whew!  48hrs into a cyclone of fresh material – This sample clip has marks the beginning of some absolutely epic visual sets to come – in the last 7 daysI’ve been creating like a mad man.   When this set is finished it’s going to be MASSSIVE.  Crafting all these little visual bits is great fun, but watching myself take 7hrs on a 4second clip “to get everything just right” might wear thin soon.  Caught in the moment – I’m loving where this is going!

Alphabomb + The Bond Tunnel

Through a wonderful fluke I made contact with a fellow in Nasa who’s pet project involved obtaining images from the Light Echo of v838 Monocerotis – this particular image has been really inspiring for me, and has been a major factor in some of the 3d sound-reactive tunnels I’ve created.  When I’m creating new visual effects this image is *always* loaded as a procedural texture during the testing of newly made effects.

Sound reactive tunnel demo that uses the Light Echo of v838 Monocerotis as it’s texture. Audio is “Magical World” by Bassnectar.

The final HD version reacts in realtime to music via the amplitude of frequency ranges. The speed of the tunnel is controlled by manual midi assignments (great for when the music ramps up, as in this audio clip).

Image Source:

Audio Source:

Alphabomb + Luke Brown, Alpha Centauri

The first time I saw Luke Brown’s work it was a piece called “Alpha Centuri”, and it floored me – I had to animate it. I made contact with Luke, got the “ok”, and made this peice in tribute.

UPDATE: See post here for video link.

After building several flat planes in 3d space, we used Alpha Centuri assets for the visual bulk of the piece – several cameras and paths were added, along with programming some visual effects for the layers.  A simple nebula skybox was used for most of the background.  A displacement map (itself a simple animated still image) was used to give the peice some added depth (it’s what makes it wiggle).  Luke’s color palette worked phenominally well with a recent tunnel design, it’s one of the best sound reactive tunnels yet!  There are a few problems (the shift on the color palette needs refinement),  but all in all I’m very happy with the result.

For more of Luke’s work:

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