This video (like everything I make) was put together from different visual layer elements as the music played. I’m particularly happy with the LIVE beat match on the symbols (Check out 1:30 in the video, watch in HD to get enough detail to see the elephants match the symbol sound). Matching a video loop to a musical element used to be tough live, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it!

This video was made after hearing Daladubz track “Pink Elephants”.   Given that it was done within 12hrs I’m happy with a few bits of it, but there’s not much satisfaction in making a video that’s so static.  It’s really quite good for the environment it was made for, but this “moving poster” style doesn’t work so well as an online video, where people expect to be visually engaged without pause. I definitely like to dwell on certain compositions, which makes sense seeing as “party visual” sets usually last 2-6hrs, but in 4 online minutes it’s… boring.   It’s becoming obvious that if I want masses of online views, I’m going to have to figure out ways to make this more compelling, and I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve!