The first time I saw Luke Brown’s work it was a piece called “Alpha Centuri”, and it floored me – I had to animate it. I made contact with Luke, got the “ok”, and made this peice in tribute.

UPDATE: See post here for video link.

After building several flat planes in 3d space, we used Alpha Centuri assets for the visual bulk of the piece – several cameras and paths were added, along with programming some visual effects for the layers.  A simple nebula skybox was used for most of the background.  A displacement map (itself a simple animated still image) was used to give the peice some added depth (it’s what makes it wiggle).  Luke’s color palette worked phenominally well with a recent tunnel design, it’s one of the best sound reactive tunnels yet!  There are a few problems (the shift on the color palette needs refinement),  but all in all I’m very happy with the result.

For more of Luke’s work: