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Alphabomb + Luke Brown ((HD))

Luke Brown’s Alpha Centauri painting programmed by Alphabomb visuals to react to sound in realtime.  This is a remake of the first (unposted) video – new elements, new effects, and the first appearence of the freshly written W.H.O.M.P. (Whomp Harmonizer of Majestic Photons) effect.

Music is “Days Go By” remix by MiMoSA –

Alphabomb + Xeni @ Boingboing

Collaboration with Xeni’s post @ – Xeni seemed to enjoy this bit of madness as much as I enjoyed making it. “It is twisted and kooky mutant fun, and I am so delighted by its existence.” Awwwww! Thanks for the love!

I really did bounce between “this is horrible/fantastic” when it was done. Blame it on my recent dive into psychedelic poster art, no doubt running into Bob Masse spurred me along.  I’ve been admiring Mike Saputo’s stuff too.  I’d love to animate some sound reactive video posters for an event.

Audio is Corrodium – Thunderbug –

Alphabomb + Luke Brown, Alpha Centauri

The first time I saw Luke Brown’s work it was a piece called “Alpha Centuri”, and it floored me – I had to animate it. I made contact with Luke, got the “ok”, and made this peice in tribute.

UPDATE: See post here for video link.

After building several flat planes in 3d space, we used Alpha Centuri assets for the visual bulk of the piece – several cameras and paths were added, along with programming some visual effects for the layers.  A simple nebula skybox was used for most of the background.  A displacement map (itself a simple animated still image) was used to give the peice some added depth (it’s what makes it wiggle).  Luke’s color palette worked phenominally well with a recent tunnel design, it’s one of the best sound reactive tunnels yet!  There are a few problems (the shift on the color palette needs refinement),  but all in all I’m very happy with the result.

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